In uncertainty, spread hope. Trust me. Another illustration is from Luke 7:36–47: And one of the Pharisees desired him that he would eat with him. They are not utterly lost. He said, “We’re having a family reunion, and that is where we are going to have lunch.”. Simon answered and said, I suppose that he, to whom he forgave most. Share on Twitter. These inspirational messages of hope can be sent as text messages, email or SMS to your friends and dear ones. [Stephen L. Richards, April Conference, 8 April 1956], Those with hope, then, do not judge. You think you are so different. Let me assure you that if by our words or our actions or by our very being we tell people (or even give the impression), “You can’t do it, you are no good, you’ll never measure up, you’ll never make it,” or (maybe worst of all) “I won’t forgive you” (and all of these things apply doubly to our reaction to ourselves and to our own faults), if that be the case, then we are moving away from God and not toward him, for he gives hope and says, “There is always hope.” Don’t ever say there isn’t. When she came in and we went over all the problems that she had, I thought, “What is she doing here? I suppose that it is like trying to define faith or love; it is very difficult, but we can use some examples. Read more ‘Drastic’, unprecedented end of China-Australia free trade deal unlikely. Persuasive Speech: Hope Is the Most Powerful Force in the Universe. Robert F. Kennedy's Day of Affirmation Address (also known as the "Ripple of Hope" Speech) is a speech given to National Union of South African Students members at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, on June 6, 1966, on the University's "Day of Reaffirmation of Academic and Human Freedom".Kennedy was at the time the junior U.S. It helps you in reaching your goals and keeping your life, health and relationships healthy. Wherefore, if a man have faith he must needs have hope; for without faith there cannot be any hope. I know I do. “I blew it. I want more hope. I want to testify to you that there is not a single situation you or I or anyone can become involved in for which the principle for resolving is not contained in the scriptures. President-elect Barack Obama spoke to the world from his home city of Chicago as he became the first black president of the United States. No Comments on Motivational Sales Speech Annie Hope 2009 04 12 19 53 14 Tags 04 , 12 , 14 , 19 , 2009 , 53 , Annie , Hope , motivational , sales , Sales Speech , speech Categories When we lack direction, spread optimism, in fear, spread belief . In him there is always hope. Jerome Groopman’s research results indicated that during the course of illness, belief and expectation, two mental states linked with hope have an impact on the nervous system which, in turn, sets off a chain of events that makes improvement and recovery more likely. And what is it that ye shall hope for? Why do we keep on hoping even after we blow our diet or get a bad grade or lose a close game or get turned down in some way or another? I redeemed you. Your email address will not be published. As near as I can tell, if you don’t have hope, you either don’t have the Holy Ghost or you aren’t listening to him, for it states clearly, “which Comforter filleth with hope and perfect love.”. You have a lot of hope. So you see, the battle lines are clearly drawn. In him all hope has its existence. They have been and ever will be available to all men and women everywhere, regardless of the complexity, the severity, the terribleness, the duration, or the supposed deepness of the problem. There is always hope. The spirit of hope is the Spirit of the Savior. And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment: For she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole. I’m not sure but that much, if not all, of this that he came to do could be summed up in the phrase, “He came to give us hope. She had had some problems. And he, casting away his garment, rose, and came to Jesus. No matter how tenuous or thin it might be, there is always hope. Let’s just wait until she is through.”, He said, “Okay, but that is Aunt Cloe and she might talk for a long time.”, She started, and she gave a report of her family and then she said, “And as all of you know, we have had a lot of heartache and trouble with my granddaughter, so-and-so.” The name rang a bell. Yes! This speech is powerful in so many ways — what most moved me is the hope for all the corners of … Satan can never quite accomplish that fully—at least not here—because it is a lie. Dear members of our NGO – Warm Good Evening to all of you! Specific Purpose Statement: To persuade my audience that hope is the most powerful force in the universe We gather here at a crucial time, at a turning point in history. There is hope built within all of us. There is reason and justification for the hope that is within me and should be within all of us. That is not true. Pandora being inquisitive did so and as a result, let loose all the ills of the world. Basically, those without hope are those who rely only on themselves, who have not tapped into that power beyond themselves, even the Savior himself—and there are far too many in the world that way today. Really, discouraged. Calmness, optimism, or all those things that are the opposite of downheartedness or being disturbed. His message not only challenges our willingness to embrace and celebrate our differences, but it offers a message of hope. He came to give us hope. Wouldn’t you like to have that—to never be down, never be discouraged? Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God. That’s hope at play. He lives. That feeling of hope that emanated from the Savior was constantly with Peter. And again, behold I say unto you that he cannot have faith and hope, save he shall be meek, and lowly of heart. J.K Rowling has a rare talent to make the listeners laugh and think at the same time. The following study is designed to provide a condensed biblical explanation of hope as it is found in the Word of God. That’s pretty inclusive. The myth of Pandora’s box is considered one of the most important myths of human behavior in Greek mythology. She wasn’t holding anything back. And when Jesus came into the ruler’s house, and saw the minstrels and the people making a noise. No matter how dismal things appear, no matter how problem-prone we seem to be, no matter what reversals and setbacks we suffer, there is always hope. The gospel is hope-giving. What would life be like without hope? I am not going to go into the difference between faith, hope, and charity. Because it was a universal atonement. How do I know that? Those two key verses lay out so clearly what we need to do. Psychologists unanimously believe there are very rewarding mental benefits associated with hope. Byrnes’ ‘Speech of Hope’ on German autonomy (1946) In September 1946 James F. Byrnes , the United States Secretary of State, addressed an audience in Stuttgart. [You see what he is trying to get across, “Don’t get discouraged just because people tell you ‘Don’t go see the bishop; he is this, that, and the other’; or ‘Don’t go to conference; it’s boring,’ etc. Remember the article of faith? She was completely honest, and I suppose, as I look back now, that I could sense that she had a real hope. The Beatles – Let it Be. The Savior healed him because of the great faith—the great hope—that those around him had (see Luke 5:18–26). Hope (and this is really hope in Christ) is the essence of life. All humans die sometime, too. Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Speech on positive attitude Whenever we observe our surroundings, the environment, and the people, we realize that the world can be […] Our Heavenly Father is far more merciful, infinitely more charitable, than even the best of his servants, and the Everlasting Gospel is mightier in power to save than our narrow finite minds can comprehend. I have hope in Christ—a sure hope. Hang in there, as it is. This process, he points out, is fundamental to the widely accepted placebo effect which is created by a hopeful outlook. It gives us a pattern to follow whereby we can gain hope. The Hope Speech Harvey Milk (1978) The tolerance of society for variety of sexual practices and love within sexual identifications has varied through Western civilization. This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: Speech sows confusion and hope. I said, “Now, who is that, and who is her granddaughter?”. We all hope for different things at different times, depending on our maturity level—all the way from an infant hoping for a bottle to a student hoping for good grades to an adult hoping for love and understanding. It is worth it. No matter the fasting, the struggling, the praying, the weeping, the searching, the confessing. They rely totally on themselves. Love is all there is. I laid down my life for you. In fact, in order to have a true saving hope, that hope must transcend this mortal sphere. Time is measured only to man, not to God. Darkness, discouragement, pessimism, depression, anger, lack of hope—all come from Satan and his forces, whereas optimism, light, encouragement, hope, even to a perfect brightness of hope—all come from the Savior. A good example was the second world war where in the early years the military force built by the Nazis seemed undefeatable. And Peter said, Man, I am not. Learn more. And he said unto him, Thou hast rightly judged. There is always hope. Don’t cast them off. I’m sure if I were familiar with other cultures—French or Russian or Chinese or another—there would be something similar, because it is in all people. It might be that faith plus hope equals charity, and charity, as we know, is the pure love of Christ. Life is unpredictable, hard and quite notorious at times. Satan will try to diminish your hope or keep it away from you altogether if he can. Generally, the culture in the United States has classified such variety as abnormal. that we come across as we read our Bibles, but often these are just vague concepts for many people. And Peter followed afar off. Remove the Savior from your life and you remove hope. What are some of the signs of true hope? Think about it. You might worry about an atomic holocaust rather than the Roman legions, but it is the same thing. The Spirit giveth light to every man—the Spirit giveth hope to every man (see D&C 84:46). by Harvey Milk, 1977. In all ages of time and in all dispensations, people have felt a need for hope. In Christ there is always hope. I know that God lives and loves us. I said, “Why don’t you come back next week? Ultimately, we all hope for the greatest of all gifts—immortality and eternal life. In Christ there is always hope. I hope the courts make the right decision on puberty blockers How did we ever get to the stage where teenage girls are being given drugs to help them transition from female to male? The Lord said, “Wherefore all manner of sins shall be forgiven unto men, except the sinning against the Holy Ghost and the committing of murder.” (See Matthew 12:31.) Are not all the essential ingredients basically the same? I am sure she did more than hope. And I also remember that thou hast said that thou hast prepared a house for man, yea, even among the mansions of thy Father, in which man might have a more excellent hope; wherefore man must hope, or he cannot receive an inheritance in the place which thou hast prepared. Harvey Milk delivered a message in 1978 that is just as relevant today. I would call regularly, or he would call me and say, “I got a letter and things are going fine.” Then I realized that the time was just about up. To say “There is no hope for me” is to say there is no Savior, for he is hope and he does exist, so there is hope for you. No way can a girl like that go on a mission with all those problems.” But there was something radiant about her honesty. When the Future You Planned for Never Comes. Speech on Youth 2. And the fame hereof went abroad into all that land. As near as I can tell, hope is light. I know he always gives hope. This speech is powerful in so many ways — what most moved me is the hope for all the corners of … “You see, there is always hope.”.
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