Why Philly? Meet Shannon. Founded by Shannon Maldonado, YOWIE is a celebrated home and life shop in Queen Village, Philadelphia. I am not creating this new venture to exit or duplicate across the country but to build a sustainable business that will put Philadelphia on the map as an innovative city that supports creative spaces. YOWIE is here to bring you items to live with and enjoy! As I stood in my empty storefront (we've been closed since 3/13 due to COVID-19) applying the small pieces of tape to the edges of the poster I felt the water rising again. ... Shannon Maldonado was hungry to challenge her creative instincts in a new way. I understand other businesses nailing plywood sheets to their storefronts, but I knew that did not feel right for my shop. Shannon Maldonado | Founder of Yowie + Freelance Senior Designer + Freelance Film Critic Inside the Art-Filled Home of Shannon Maldonado, Founder of Philly Lifestyle Boutique YOWIE The design consultant talks about her interior inspirations and upcoming expansion of her brand. Meet Shannon Maldonado of YOWIE, a shop focused on highlighting local artisans and their designs, all while consulting on prop styling, art direction and even interior design. South Philadelphia native Shannon Maldonado remembers when customers cleaned her home-and-life shop, Yowie, wholly out of inventory earlier this year. At YOWIE, we host workshops and collaborative events in our space, and even see our customer’s families grow and their lives evolve. I felt immense, overwhelming sadness over the loss of these many lives, brought to the surface by the loss of George Floyd. Its not about producing things en masse and leading with promotions. The boom coincided with anti-racist demonstrations that brought thousands of Philadelphians out to protest police brutality and show support for Black-owned businesses like the South 4th Street shop. YOWIE is a creative platform, storefront and design studio. I want people walking by the store to take the time to read the poster and to hear what I'm saying, which I hope expresses what so many in the black community are feeling. TIRED OF THE SHARING OF PAINFUL VIDEOS OF SAID MURDERS AND HAVING TO EXPLAIN THAT RACISM IS YES, IN FACT VERY REAL BUT ALSO INSIDIOUS, RAMPANT AND SYSTEMATIC. Previous 1 of 7 Next Ariell Johnson owns Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, the East Coast's only comic book store owned by an African American woman. "There’s a really strong undercurrent of community that started to build in the last two years of people starting group collectives or independent galleries—different places where people can gather to show their work," says Maldonado. What about Covid-19- How has it impacted your small business? Founded in 2016 by Shannon Maldonado, Yowie … The YOWIE storefront and design studio aims to showcase emerging artists and create and curate spaces that evoke emotion and discovery. Yowie is a proud black owned business and we stand in support of the protesters fighting to end police brutality. It feels like a very large extended family. Shannon grew up in a creative household in Philadelphia, PA. YOWIE is here to bring you items to live with and enjoy! Two weeks ago we kicked off phase one of our funding to get our big idea off the ground: a crowd campaign to bring on our first team member. by people who I think mean well but always come off as annoyed by our presence. YOWIE is here to bring you items to live with and enjoy! WE ALSO CAN’T SIT IN OUR LIVING ROOMS, WE CAN’T GO FOR A RUN, WE CAN’T WATCH BIRDS IN A PUBLIC PARK OR DO THINGS THAT OTHERS TAKE FOR GRANTED EVERYDAY. I was sitting in a Philadelphia park a few blocks from my home with a couple of my white friends and I was asked to leave for being black. Its about building a community and a deeper connection to your customers that online transactions and marketing cannot replace. TIRED OF WAITING FOR A CHANGE TO HAPPEN WITHIN OUR LIFETIME. This moment is bigger than one person. Yowie is a black owned business and we support the protestors. I previously worked in Fashion Design for over a decade before launching the brand online in 2016. On Sunday May 31st, I found myself unable to stop crying. Inside the Art-Filled Home of Shannon Maldonado, Founder of Philly Lifestyle Boutique YOWIE. Playfulness and humor was a big thing I felt was missing from the home decor market. Jennifer Ailey. Browse inspirational photos of … You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, See Inside This 'Modern Farmhouse' Tiny Home, A Serene, Seaside-Inspired Maine Vacation Home, Melania Trump Welcomes White House Christmas Tree, 16 Ways to Elevate the Wood Paneling in Your Home, HGTV's Alison Victoria Is Taking on New Clients, This Colorful Family Home Is Totally "Lifeproof", A Historic Kitchen That's Both Fresh and Authentic, How The Design World Became Digital in 2020, Why This Home Took Three Years to Decorate. How tired WE are. So this year, in part with Haworth (best known for commercial furniture around the world), we are introducing short talks from emerging/women designers at the Haworth Designer Talks … House Beautiful participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. In 2021, YOWIE is evolving into a multi-floor platform for creativity, bringing hospitality, design, retail, and community engagement into one interconnected space. I wanted them to know how WE feel. The warm, inviting space, designed by Shannon Maldonado of Hello Yowie, was created to foster and strengthen community as opposed to perpetuating the type of … The dam of raw emotions I had been holding back for decades had broken. Yowie This $15 stainless steel rainbow tray is a great option for storing small things. I am also working on design for an expansion of Brooklyn’s Ethel’s Club. OUR FREEDOM IS TESTED SO OFTEN THAT WE ABSORB AND PUSH THESE EXPERIENCES SO DEEP JUST SO THAT WE CAN GET THROUGH OUR DAYS WITHOUT BREAKING DOWN. Since I used to design for larger brands I have been hearing the “retail is dead” adage for at least 10 years. Every event was free and you just had to sign up online. By now we have all seen the video (or should I say videos). I faced things I had buried so deep that I even struggled to remember all of the details. This person will help with design and concept the space as well as jump into our current interior projects. Meet Shannon Maldonado of YOWIE, a shop focused on highlighting local artisans and their designs, all while consulting on prop styling, art direction and even interior design. The window isn't about me, it's about the Breonnas, the Ahmads, the Tonys, the Georges and the black people that spend so much of their life just fighting to exist. We started with 12 products that were curated from artists and makers and I worked hard with some friends to create quirky still lifes and fun copy. When I opened my storefront in 2016 in Philadelphia, I had lots of moments of fear. Founder and Creative Director of YOWIE. I’m very excited to hire our first full-time team mate. Shannon talks about her start, inspiration and plans to expand all in the midst of Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement. We present to you, Shannon Maldonado. Shannon, what is Yowie and what led you here? TIRED OF EDUCATING AND TRYING TO MAKE OTHERS FEEL COMFORTABLE WHEN WE ARE SO RARELY AFFORDED THE LUXURY OURSELVES. We like to think the phrase “all the things” applies to her journey through retail, fashion, interior design, art direction and knowing more obscure films than most can recall. It started with virtual coffees for advice and evolved into virtual workshops like tie dyeing, still life sketching and even a short film viewing party. Shannon Maldonado, the owner of the online shop Yowie, is someone who blurs that home/work line, and she makes it look so stylish in the process. Retail isn’t dead but it’s very different now than it was before. Tagged: Living Room and Chair. There are too many incidents to recall, because when you're black these encounters become something you begin to expect. Can you share with our readers all of the exciting things coming down the pipeline for Yowie? In the future, you'll be able to stay the night in one of YOWIE's shoppable boutique hotel rooms, shop in our expanded storefront, take a workshop or expose yourself to new artists and designers. Home . I am surrounded by emerging brands like myself as well as one that has been on our street for more than a decade. (Photo courtesy of Yowie) Founded by Shannon Maldonado, Philadelphia-based Yowie is a home and lifestyle shop focused on curating small collections from friends, independent artists, and designers. We got a big boost in traffic and sales due to many people amplifying Black businesses and founders. It is historically a fabric and garment area that has a great old meets new vibe. Shannon Maldonado is the founder of Yowie, a Philadelphia-based retail shop centered around curating small collections from fellow artists and designers. Meet Shannon, CEO and shop owner of Philly-based interior goods store with a unique point of view Yowie, that she started after spending over ten years as a designer in the fashion industry. I wanted to claim my space as a black business owner. As a millennial that professionally matured during the proliferation of digital media and varying mediums, Shannon was anxious to experiment in new means of design and storytelling. It's a big city but it still feels small enough that you can make a real impact which is very inspiring.
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