This mic uses dual small diaphragm capsules that are, reportedly, the same as the ones in the MXL 603s and 604. While this isn't likely to be the go-to mic for a studio, it wouldn't be out of place there either, and will serve wonderfully for a home studio environment. Not only will you be happy you got a large capsule condenser mic at this very low price, but also you will be amazed how great this mic sounds especially on vocals. March 9, 2020 by Michael Carter. That’s dirt cheap for a condenser microphone, so anyone who fusses about the specs the V67G has can forget this and continue dreaming about that perfect Neumann microphone. If what you are looking for is a mellow and warm sound without a lot of bass, the V67G is a great option for you. Initially, I kept my search parameters to anything under $100, and displayed results from low to high. And he was right. Thank you MXL for making such a great product. Looking forward to, Have you heard it yet? Reviewed in the United States on November 19, 2018. I use this microphone for professional voice over narration, and it performs just as well as more expensive mics. If you’re looking to give your vocals a little bit of a bass boost without altering any other aspects of your vocal tone, moving closer to the microphone can achieve that whilst maintaining the same level of detail. I’m on full speed to get, Missing the vibes of Haji Lane. The one problem I have with this microphone is that it's extremely sensitive to humidity and will perform terribly if not kept aggressively dehumidified: random volume changes or altogether drop-out of sound, and no it's not my cables, all my other mikes perform fine in the same conditions with the same cables. This microphone comes with a tiny flight case and a shock mount – the size of the flight case is perfect for easy storage! As far as I know, it has been discontinued as of this review. I have to say, I far prefer this mic to my Shure VP 88 stereo mic which is about 8 times the price. The studio wound up buying the Marshall MXL-V67, the Marshall MXL-603s, and the Marshall MXL-1000 (as an extra 603). That mic is audibly noisy and deficient on the low end. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that MXL V67G is a more popular microphone, based on its 100+ reviews. Reviewed in the United States on January 1, 2019. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. I have had no issues with it, whether recording character voices or audio book narration. The MXL brand has widely been known to carry a lot of value-for-money microphones, and the MXL V67G is one of their most popular. in my opinion the best condenser mic for vocals under $100, Reviewed in the United States on September 24, 2017, I did a lot of research before purchasing , on you tube and internet, for the price this is , in my opinion the best condenser mic for vocals under $100, I've worked with some high end mics before and this one outshines them, have not used it on instruments, but for vocals it catches the nuances of you voice and has a great well balanced sound, Great microphone, very sensitive to humidity, Reviewed in the United States on March 7, 2016. The MXL brand has widely been known to carry a lot of value-for-money microphones, and the MXL V67G is one of their most popular. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. These MXL mics can be very easily … All rights reserved. It won't change your recording life but i really liked it and i miss it now. View on Amazon. This Microphone has blown me away at how good it sounds compared to a higher priced and specked microphone. MXL Microphones offer the best variety of condenser / ribbon / dynamic microphone solutions for Studio, USB, Podcast, Video Conferencing, & Field Recording. I did like the mics! Both MXL V67G and MXL 770 have a cardioid polar pattern. If you’re purchasing the microphone, do check with your retailer if it comes with a shock mount! The mic is powered by a Class A FET circuitry, and it has a solid state transformer output. I kind of like it – it’s a cool colour combination to suit the hipster vintage trends that relentlessly claw at our eyes, so it’ll look great in videos too. It also works well for voice-over narration, even at the professional level. Lucky day for me, I saw this gem, and boy what a surprise, when mixed correctly this microphone has the same quality as a $100+ Microphone. It does have a rather "warm" presentation, overall,l without a strongly overemphasized top end. If you’re looking to do mostly vocal, guitar or even room microphone work with this, cardioid will work. The engineer put me in a vocal booth with a really cool-looking green microphone with a gold mesh windscreen. Country-bound for the entire year - this hasn’t, Had a funtastic set of original songs last week wi, Ten weeks left to 2020! Reviewed in the United States on July 13, 2019. Here’s a quick review of this microphone I did way back in 2013 – it’s still relevant! MXL V67G does very well in keeping penetrating vocals stay above the tracks, an excellent choice for pop, rock, country, and R&B vocals. ‘(You Don’t Get Sick Fr, Happy National Day, Singapore! So to anyone who wants to record vocals or pretty much any other thing this is great cost efficient Microphone that wont empty the bank, and sounds spectacular. Anyway, I didn't see a review on the MXL V67G and wanted to start one. (See video above). Even so, MXL V67G and MXL 770 are best used with a stand and a shock mount in order to reduce the handling noise. Remember, cardioid microphones pick up sound from the front of the mic, so make sure the front-side of the microphone is facing the right direction when you are recording! A beast of a mic, some people are saying that this performs just as well as a Nuemann U87, which is a bold statement considering that microphone is pretty high end. Your recording room might be nicely sound-insulated, but a shock mount will kill off any unnecessary vibrations coming from the floor. The CR30 has a very sexy black chrome finish, which also looks good if you wanted to use it for a photo or video shoot. You probably know this, but V67G is the cheapest model in MXL… Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Reviewed in the United States on August 31, 2018. Your email address will not be published. I recorded multiple checks to see if my hearing was alright and sure enough they we're working greatly. I'm Amanda Tee, a singer-songwriter who loves guitars, dabbles in a bit of studio recording and is always learning more about it. Again, not a bad thing, as this polar pattern works for a lot of uses. Many years ago, I walked into a Grammy-award-winning studio to record a few tracks with my band. Best feature 1: Versatile microphone for speech and vocal applications I’m not sure how much this matters, but for those who feel it’s what’s inside that matters, this mic is wired with Mogami cables, which if this brand was name-dropped it must mean the wiring quality should be of at least a certain standard… Right? As a condenser mic, it is just natural for MXL V67G … Cool news and tips? So I would say keep your studio dehumidified, or store your your mikes in a drying cabinet, or these mikes will fail on a rainy day. Video review below, and text version below this video! Don’t confuse this one with the MXL V67g which is a Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone. Not only does it look retro and cool, but it sounds unbelievable! Although the MXL 770 will not sound anywhere close to a premium, high-end mic, it is capable of being an excellent all-round mic for home studio owners and beginners. Here’s a quick review of this microphone I did way back in 2013 – it’s still relevant! 1. If you are searching for a product that will let your vocals shine, the MXL V67G microphone is a model that should be on your radar. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Here’s another MXL microphone that’s a bit of an underdog – the MXL CR30. This microphone has a really good-looking green finish with its brand and model number written in gold on the front. That's when he told me this awesome microphone cost less than $100. MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Mic Review / Test - YouTube The MXL V67G is a condenser microphone, and requires an XLR cable hookup and a phantom power supply. Required fields are marked *. It's a large capsule mic and it's very sensitive, so you'll need a quiet room to use it. As with the V67G, it’s a cardioid-only microphone. The 990 is a small diaphragm condenser and the V67G is a large diaphragm condenser. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. I have no experience with high end mics, but I will safely say that I am not disappointed. Technology has come a long way in the past few years. MXL is a leading manufacturer of professional audio products for the music recording, broadcast, post production, and live sound markets. People are shocked when they receive a mic that excels so well at such an affordable price point. MXL V67G is also slightly heavier than MXL 770, but the difference is trivial and neglectable. Time to Read:-words. I assumed I was singing into a very expensive brand-name microphone. As ever, I did plenty of research into what I might get. Your email address will not be published. Background. At only $64 currently, the MXL V67G large capsule condenser microphone is a steal. This microphone isn’t as well known as the others on this list, but it’s definitely a good choice to take into consideration. Meet the V67G, a large capsule condenser microphone by MXL. Get some good sounds out of it -- if it's working. It is very highly-rated across the board for multiple home studio purposes. 3. My advice" if you are looking for a very good and useful stereo mic, pick one up while they last at the blow out prices they are going for! This microphone though, does trebles quite nicely. Features MXL V67G is a pressure gradient condenser mic that is armed with a large 32-mm condenser capsule and a 6-micron gold-sputtered density diaphragm. This microphone doesn’t have a boxy tone like some other condensers, and is actually more on the crisp side. Review: MXL V67G. Not wanting to buy something that was absolute garbage, I decided to stretch my budget to accommodate this recommended condenser microphone. Is this a Neuman U87? MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Mic Review MXL V67G large capsule condenser microphone. I think it’s not a must-have for recording purposes, but it’ll really save you a lot of trouble if you live somewhere that buses or trucks may pass by once in a while. Going for budget condenser microphones usually means sacrificing some of the top end of the microphone – rather than clarity, you end up with something closer to screechy trebles that are hard to EQ out. It also have a nice, smooth low end. I’m not crazy about it for recording instruments, but for vocals and Facebook live recordings it’s unbeatable for the money. But when I asked the engineer, he pulled me aside and said, "I'll tell you a secret." This microphone was bought as a cheaper alternative to the favored sE Electronics 2200a. Questions? For louder instruments like drums or a vocalist with lungs the size of a Tuba, this microphone allows you to use the -10db or -20db pad switch to reduce the level of sound coming in from the microphone to your DAW. It’s an exceptional budget-friendly mic for vocalists. MXL V67G Microphone Review January 7, 2018 No Comments. I’ve lost all the vocal samples as promised in the video, but below is a summary of what was mentioned in the review. Let me start off by saying this; I heard that this mic wasn't for podcasting... WRONG! MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Microphone. Really affordable Condenser ($99). I’ve been working with the AT2035 for the longest time, but when I heard a few of the MXL mics, I sold my mic the next day. 100 times better sounding than the MXL 990. It’s been a while since I’ve checked the prices for this microphone, but if I remember right it’s possible to own a piece at below US$100. And if you want reliability on a budget, the MXL V67G is a great option. However, after messing with the mic settings on the computer (in a final attempt before going crazy), I heard the most crystal clear, excellent rendition of my voice that I have ever heard recorded. That’s not something that inspires confidence when I’m making a decision on purchases. And by unbelievable, I mean I am in disbelief I got it to work! i owned a v67g a while ago but i sold it to finance other mics. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for MXL Mics V67G Large Capsule Condenser Microphone, Gold/Green at It has a distinctive look which really pops, it works well, and it’s able to deliver warm sounds when you use it. MXL V67G Large Capsule Voice Over Mic. It is a sensitive cardioid patterned microphone, so if there are large sources of background noise (furnace, fans, T.V., etc...) in a nearby room, it WILL be picked up in your recording. I will list the pros and the cons. Reviewed in the United States on February 27, 2019. The MXL V67G is a condenser microphone, and requires an XLR cable hookup and a phantom power supply. The MXL V67G picks up your voice similarly to the German brands of old, but with more sibilance. #s, Tried to play guitar... then bum note happened #ja, Polar Pattern: Cardioid only (this matters), Equivalent Noise: 20 dB (A-weighted IEC 268-4), Type: Condenser pressure gradient mic with large 32mm capsule, Diaphragm: Gold-sputtered, 6 micron diaphragm, Attenuation Switch: (Pad/Pre attenuation) -10 dB, -20 dB, Max SPL for .5% THD: 158 dB (with pad set to -20 dB), Power Requirements: Phantom Power 48V ± 4V. I bought 2 of these mikes and the sound is perfect for my voice. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. The V67G takes on a more retro/vintage kind of colour scheme – it’s not for the goth-hearted. No. At the moment i own an at4050, 2 mxl v69's, gefell m691 w m70 cap, a neumann km150 and i have some akg 414's (among other mics) and it compares nicely with those (not better just different). Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I have a AT2020 for podcasting which is amazing, but I needed another mic for my co-host's but i didn't really want to go over any budgets so I broadened my horizons. If your vocals are generally bassy enough, just practice a bit of microphone social distancing, and everyone’s cool. I feel it increases the chance of the product being garbage. Let me know: © 2020 Many Rappers, podcasters, singers, and voice-over speakers claim the MXL V67G is a near-flawless bang for the buck. 4. Although it is part of the MXL V 67 line, it bears no similarity to any of the other V67 large diaphragm mics. My other LDC's are Rode NT2 and Studio Projects C1 and B1, and I would say my other mikes capture my acoustic guitar playing better, but for my voice the V67 is a must-have. I kept looking, as the prices of my search go… There's definitely a rise up there but it sounds smooth and pleasing to me. Getting a good interface is just as important as having a good microphone, so be sure to research the interface that will work best for you. So MXL V67G, while being a pricier option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $140 AKG P220, as seen on the chart below. Of all the fabulously expensive mics this guy had at his disposal, this was the one he picked. The MXL V67G is a sizeable 32mm pressure gradient condenser mic for a meager price. Well, its size allows you a little more versatility in microphone placements compared to other bulky condenser mics. By ronanfitzg Posted on April 11, 2019 April 11, 2019. What review wouldn't be complete without mentioning another microphone option. The V67Q beats the heck out of it, to tell the truth. MXL V67G Review: A Must-Read Before Buying. Comparable to the RODE NT-1 in a good way. I was lent a few MXL microphones to play around with by my favourite audio-stuff retailer Luthermusic, but was not paid to do any of the videos for them. The V67G is a very warm mic (but crystal clear), and kind of accentuates the sound a bit. The internal preamps are also different from the large LDC V 67 mics. In the past few post about recording, you might have seen reference to the MXL V67G. Getting a good interface is just as important as having a good microphone, so be sure to research the interface that will work best for you.
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