The sideways position must have put them partway into their “trance”, and they’d ride around on her shoulder peacefully. How to Make Herb Gardens Chicken-Friendly. It’s much less scary. Anna & Mark September 21, 2011 Posts 5 Comments. One thing you would have to remember, though, is that Komondors might get so protective that they might harm strangers even if these don’t have any bad intentions. ! Sep 18, 2019 104 716 166 Lafayette, CA . Silkie chickens also have blue earlobes, black skin, and black bones. A calm, curious breed, the Barbu D’Uccle is known to occasionally fly but also does well in confinement. Hens are extremely quiet, and while these chickens are extremely fluffy, they don’t fly well. Choosing kid-friendly chicken breeds that don’t mind being picked up, love to be petted, and will follow you and your kids around like pet dogs makes the whole experience even more fun for everyone. But all that said, almost any chicken that is handled right from day one and treated like a pet will be a kid-friendly chicken and will make a wonderful family pet! Talk nice, act calmly, and make sure your flock understands that you are their main food source. or … A couple more tips to add: (1) raising them in a brooder or a box with a light bulb will usually cause chicks to become much tamer than if a broody hen raises them. . Chickens are one of the more intelligent animals on this planet. To do this, you should avoid backing down from a chicken that is showing signs of aggression. to do with its unique personality and environment than it does with its So, I don’t spend hours socializing and taming chicks. They are also quite hardy to the elements. I have 9 chickens they are all my pets. A quiet chicken, Cochin is also a decent layer, producing about three eggs each week. I’m thinking about getting some chickens. best-case scenario, a lot of contradictory information. Chickens of this breed have feathered crests that can sometimes obscure their vision, making them a bit nervous around people. Sort by reaction score Thread starter bb0029; Start date Mar 24, 2010; 1; 2; Next. How to Make Herb Gardens Chicken-Friendly; How to Make Herb Gardens Chicken-Friendly. Easter Eggers are prized for their ability to produce blue, green, and pink eggs. A docile chicken breed that is also easy to train, these birds are prolific layers, producing about 200 brown eggs each year. Watch Queue Queue So, proper training is a must for this breed. Polish chickens are gaining popularity as backyard chicken breeds, largely because they have a bizarre appearance that is prized by new chicken keepers. They run well and typically lay three large brown eggs per week. Hens can become extremely cranky when they are broody and their nests are disturbed, while roosters are generally quite ornery in the first year of their lives (when their bodies are surging with hormones) as well as in the early spring. We have since closed up those particular vents. Not all chickens are garden friendly, and if you have a flower garden with wonderful blooms and incredible layers of color and style, then beware – backyard chickens will love those flowers almost as much as you do. In addition, choosing chicken breeds known for being friendly and calm is your best bet for a family-friendly flock and very important if you are interested in raising the chickens as pets. My chickens free range all day and then by 6pm, they all go into the copp by themselves. Go. My chickens are quite friendly, and will happily sit in my hands to be stroked, or eat from my fingers (I find dandelion greens are a big winner) although I got them as pullets, and they have only been with me for a little while. 1 of 2 Go to page. They are so tiny (often less than a pound or two!) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
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