If this is true this will be heaven Are they gonna make 3 seasons seriously? He tells her that she did, and she beams at him. Haha.. me too. Joon-wan calls Ik-soon to tell her goodnight, and goes into the office room for a quick dinner. I get the impression that the romances may develop more in S2 rather than in the remaining 3 episodes. I think because they want someone in the secular world to do God's work. Can anyone clarify this for me? And after last episode's incident with the drug patient,I was happy to see she hasn't given up on improving her major problem area aka communication . I can really tell how much you love this show, as the comments section keep getting longer @lovepark. He shared, “Kim Dae Myung played Yang Seok Hyung, who genuinely enjoyed working with his co-workers. Perhaps if I had watched this show in another time, in a non-pandemic world, or when I was younger, I might see the show as too neat? But I love the way the show is portraying his relationship with Ik-Soon. “Hospital Playlist” concluded late last month and hit its highest viewership ratings with the finale. Every little detail in this drama has a significance. , Another favorite is Ik Jun and Ik Sun, somehow their scene has made me remembering my own siblings. His awkward card tuck-in after hearing that this seeming infant had a BF waiting to pick her up was just adorable. The following year, she made her big screen debut in the fantasy film Metamorphosis.. Jeon landed her first lead role in a television series with the medical drama Hospital Playlist. Nurse Song tells Ik-joon that it’s raining, and he smiles before running off. Kudos the the cast and crew for making such an uplifting and entertaining drama at a time we need most! It probably wasn’t a coincidence that one of his patients was related to his girlfriend (it wouldn’t have been weird for her to tell her friends and family to see her boyfriend who’s a doctor for treatment), and I’m glad he was the cause of his own downfall. But because it's this show, here's a list of a lot more , *LOL'd at how Joon Wan spectacularly flubbed being Mr.Smooth this hour. It just made me so happy! The chairman is currently debating on whether or not he should intervene, and Ik-joon asks Joon-wan if Dr. Chun is really as bad as they say he is. (function(d, s, id) { Food fighter Song Hwa That's why I'm not investing too much in this OTP, it's hard to beat God. But he was such a sweet-heart in that role. Mouse in 2006.. Jeon made her television debut in the 2018 series Mother in which she played a minor role. Love jjs so much, I cant seem to stop talking about this jem ❤❤ The conversation is short but friendly, and once he hangs up, Jong-soo smiles. You're not the only one, though. Joon-wan pops into Ik-joon’s office to ask about the song they’re playing tonight, but notices his friend’s low spirit. Just seeing her grow and become a great doctor makes me happy already. His duo with Kim Jin Won was really nice. I have a long list of events that I found quite "intrigued" which has a romantic connotation. You don't have to worry about it bacuase Shin PD and Lee woo jung writer contracted with actors from the first meeting that they will have at least 3 seasons and actors need to be aware of this fact. It has "1200" on it plus "79" I think - I can't see anything else. I think it's time Jung-won chooses joy. “Hospital Playlist” gained lots of praise for being a “healing” drama, of which Shin Won Ho thanked the cast for, especially the drama’s “’99ers” (Jo Jung Suk, Kim Dae Myung, Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Jeon Mi Do). Thankfully, I trust this creative team to reveal those details at some point. Seok-hyung visits his mom after work, entering the room with a spin and a dazzle, and Jung-won greets him back in kind. Their "Canon" practice was hell and "Met You By Chance" was also difficult but they pulled through. Shin Won Ho continued, “I also wonder whether love in your forties is like this. He added that while some viewers found their relationship to be a surprise, all the necessary hints were there, such as the way Ik Joon has his hand on Song Hwa’s shoulder during their first meeting while she blushes. In her case, it's not. Additionally, while there are seemingly many filler scenes of Hospital Playlist, the drama is actually very selective about the storylines it chooses to focus on. Ofc the other 4 are fabulous as well, I'm not really good at recognising faces, so I thought that the guy who picked up Gyeo-ul was the same guy as Yoon-bok's boyfriend (since they were on the topic of her talking to 'another guy' but it's possible that he was actually the one two-timing, plus him being a car dealer/having different cars so it's totally possible for him to have different cars for different girlfriends). GW,fighting. Thank you @lovepark for your thoughts in this recap! The simplicity and the positive tone of the drama. Meanwhile, Jung-won withdraws some money from the atm, and Ik-joon appears behind him to ask for 10,000 won (roughly $8). This was great and yeah I also think he's divided because he might see this as a huge betrayal to his religious commitment but clearly his yearning to become a priest became his identity and now he's perplexed. She's gradually but steadily improves. Even the experienced and the seemingly perfect make mistakes at times, but rather than let these blunders hold them back, the characters learn from their mistakes and strive to improve themselves. They all have great voices As they eat ramyun in Seok-hyung’s basement, Song-hwa tells them that she invited some guests: Jong-soo and Rosa. He asks if her boyfriend is a car dealer, and she tells him that he’s right about one thing but wrong about the other. While Ik-joon waits for Song-hwa, he notices Yoon-bok in a nearby car. Another major crush in this show is by Chi-hong, and in this situation, Ik-joon is thrown into the mix. I love JJS's performance in What's Up - so memorable and that voice when he sings. It was hard to find the love I had for rain back. As the friends get dressed and leave their offices, Seok-hyung bumps into the nursing student on his way out. They're friendship goal! She thought Seok … Nooooooooo whyyyyyyyy its soooooo short why not 20 or 50 , I'm just enjoying this chill ride every week. I'm so disapointed they didn't release the OST. And his friend wouldn't tease him if he didn't see some signs (when Ik-Jun calls her name to check his reaction) Seok-hyung wonders if their friends would be available on such short notice, but Jung-won already texted the group. Kyeo-Wool is the one who draws me into this show from the first place so I've been watching her closely. It is heartwarming. However, for the experienced doctors, they could just take a cursory look and decide on a diagnosis pretty quickly, thinking it's what they usually experience and they know enough. Hahahaha! I think Jung-won likes Gyeo-wool as well, but he's just in denial. Starting with Jo Jung Suk, he shared his love for the actors, saying, “[Jo Jung Suk] is a type of actor I’ve never seen before. js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; Song-hwa leaves the group to make her rounds, and the last patient she meets is the thirteen-year-old and her parents. Not being romantically involved doesn’t make a relationship less strong or amazing, and I’m so happy to see the show hammer this point again and again each episode with the five friends. It has been mentioned that he was adored by the ladies all though college and nothing ever came to be and In jook stated in a conversation with him and Joon wan that Jung won is a virgin. (Of course, she must also be a really hardworking and competent resident, otherwise, there wouldn't be 7 professors proposing her to attend their surgery.) I have fallen in love with her character too. A father yells at the nurses for not letting him donate his liver, so Ik-joon jumps in to defuse the situation. Since Seok-min and Chi-hong are busy, they toss the task to the intern. As for Ik-joon, he’s known Song-hwa for so long which is both his advantage and disadvantage. In the first two episodes, Song-hwa is cheated on by her fellow doctor boyfriend, Jun-wan struggles with an alcoholic girlfriend and Ik-joon’s absentee wife asks for a divorce. I have mentioned in previous comments,but the thing I love most about GW's character is how positively she takes criticism and tries her best to move on. can think up a few possibilities for finally pursuing priesthood now: 1) May be he always meant to take up the cloth but was waiting to put a financial plan in place to keep supporting his charities? I wonder if his lack or dating has something to do with it. -Jessica jingle from parasite (JJS seems to be getting all those funny stuff, and he does them so well, like the frog song) :P. Pretty sure It is aa different actor. Though our main characters have been working and studying for years, it’s a constant battle to do better for the sake of their patients. At the restaurant, the friends order more food since Ik-joon’s “dad” is paying for the meal, and Seok-hyung silently judges his friends but doesn’t stop them. He’s someone who makes me realize, ‘You can do this in a new way. It’s been 20 years since they were in their twenties. I am not sure if he is doing this out of habit, fear, or simply to pursue his dream. -the band song (probably my fave so far) Let's watch them together. In the end, the boyfriend was lying about his mother and just wanted to end things with Ik-soon. Heh. Woo-joo comes out in his pajamas, asking Ik-joon if he can tag along, but Ik-joon tells his son that they’ll hang out in the evening. But will not discuss them here. She tells him that she’ll make it despite her surgery, and unlike busy Song-hwa, Ik-joon is off to chat with Nurse Seonwoo since he’s free this week. It was a nice episode. In terms of romance, I certainly do agree that we are still in murky waters and I won't make assumptions until Jeongwon's POV is shown but I'm open to all the possibilities. He and his family went to the remoter parts of China to teach the doctors there and help out the villagers for years. After changing out of her scrubs, she receives a text from Chi-hong, telling her that he left an umbrella at her door. Connect with Facebook Turns out it was actually my dad's dream, not mine.). Made me missed my sisters even more , "Perfectly balanced. Tis the season to bundle up. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Yes, everyone has to deal with their respective problematic patient, but their personal problems took a backseat for once. I love Ik-jun and adore his friendship with Song-hwa so much. Last week amidst all the movement restrictions Covid 19 and all, i rewatched the series up to ep7, although i have watched up to ep9. Very well could be. The beauty of the show is in portraying relationship, people and their challenges in a very realistic yet poetic way. 2)he was just waiting to get to a stage with his profession before turning to the church. Login. I highly doubt it, unless Song Hwa studied in the US or somewhere else and is not familiar with the way that Koreans pronounce some English words. He can act comfortably around her and be there for her when she needs him, but so many years have passed since their initial crushes and their relationship has morphed into a strong friendship that might hinder them from moving beyond that point. I know of a person who became a doctor so that he could serve God that way. 14. Ik-joon hands her some food, but his sudden visit makes Ik-soon wonder if he’s getting remarried or if a family member is sick. He finds Yoon-bok still there and offers his credit card so she can take a taxi. He begs Ik-joon to let him donate his liver because he doesn’t care if he dies as long as his daughter can live. Even in short scenes, he portrayed those emotions well.”, Kim Dae Myung was the first of the five actors to join the production, and Shin Won Ho talked about how he served as a pillar for both the drama set and plot. -Ikjun running in the rain around his car to close the door lol. He seems to be more relaxed around her now and I like it because I am invested to see the growth of their mentor - mentee relationship. A question - what is that container of candy/snacks thathey keep showing? Unlike Dr. Chun, Joon-wan is thorough with his patients during their meetings and gives a guardian detailed advice. Indeed this was another lovely episode that highlighted the different ways we respond to difficult and often unexpected disruptions in our routines/lives. (If my understanding is correct, he does use his family money but his dad has given most of it away and he is largely supplementing his acts of giving with his generous doctor's pay as well?) With no word from his son, Jong-soo calls first and learns that his grandson is feeling well now. wheather he likes her or not answer lies in ep .2 when ikjun asked him what does he think of gyeol. To her surprise, he is already in the room studying and overhears her comments. Seorang bawahannya, Ahn Chi Hong merupakan orang yang menyukai Song Hwa. Dang, these siblings had the worst luck with significant others. And yes, a break for the actor too. The actors act so well it seems like I'm watching a documentary show. Ia secara langsung menyatakan perasaannya tersebut. Tvn released a video of their band practice and I am just so blown away by their dedication. While she was dazed, her boyfriend’s mother called to make plans with Ik-soon. As mentioned above, I was referencing the multiple season format. Jika iya, tentu kamu sepakat kalau Hospital Playlist adalah salah satu drama yang mencuri perhatian di tahun 2020 ini. the cast all really shine in their roles. Some were giddily anticipating, and some met the prospect of a 'mystery' with an eye roll...but when the 1st episode dropped, we all dove in scavenging for clues for the possible mystery. I could not put my finger on what it was with him because everything I have seen him in is just so...extra. One can also serve God in a secular job, especially as a doctor. 9 made me more convinced that Jeong Won is vital in Gyeo Wool's arc to grow as a doctor and that is why their pairing is set. Haha I agree with you on the previews. Sitting the father down, Ik-joon explains that the father is too old to donate and has a fatty liver, as well. But I do wonder if all cast members can be committed for all 3 seasons that is in planning for remainder two. Its so beautiful and the pd and writer is so good in highlighting the small things without overbearing the audience. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Doctors are humans, too, and like every other profession, failures are inevitable when people are starting out. Yes.his struggles thi season are too weighty. If you know about a love line ahead of time, your gaze could change. Jeon made her acting debut in the musical Mr. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); I too love how this show delves into relationships, especially those between the five friends. It is 12 ? In the hall, Ik-joon runs up to Song-hwa and asks if she’ll be late to practice. They have 20 years between them and we want a lot of explanations and flashbacks. Woojoo's little dance with Ik-joon was so cute, and the never-ending gif of his hilarious round-the-car sprint in the rain to close the passenger door for Song-hwa has been replaying on my phone and I just can't help but chuckle lol. In 'Hospital Playlist' Episode 9 we see how Lee Ik-jun (Cho Jung-seok), Ahn Jeong-won (Yoo Yeon-seok), Kim Jun-wan (Jung Kyung-ho), Yeong Seok-hyeon (Kim Dae-myung) and Chae Song-hwa (Jeon Mi-do) have romantic interests in their lives that helps them deal with the pressures of being doctors.
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