Logo design choices might seem inconsequential to some. It is apparently based on the flowing river where the mill was located. Bill Gardner; May 30, 2019; Another year older, but the logo design industry shows no signs of old age. Carolyn Davidson designed the famous Nike “Swoosh” in 1971 and at the time she was a graphic design … A study of 2,000 Americans tested respondents on their knowledge of logos and saw the famous yellow “M” symbol of McDonald’s and the Coca-Cola logo also among the most well-known. Update 10/29/2019: Top Logo Design Trends 2020 are now out! A well-designed logo can offer substantial benefits to brands. But getting the design right is important for a number of reasons. A serif … For many designers, when it comes to designing a clean and elegant logo for a company, using a Serif font in their designs helps to add a little bit of flair & sophistication to the brand. Like an unruly kid ripping through a stack of unopened … It’s no brainer that logo design trends 2019 are following the graphic design trends 2019.But while some trends come and go from a year to another, businesses don’t really change their logos … 2019 Logo Trend Report. Louise Fili designs are really elegant. Crane & Co logo by Louise Fili. 1971: Nike logo by Carolyn Davidson. This logo is for US paper mill Crane & Co. Check them out. Update 11/12/2020: Logo Design Trends 2021 are now out!
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