All rights reserved. Students rely heavily on our personalized recommendations. As with all of the exams along the medical journey, from the MCAT through your specialty boards, you aren’t the first one to go through this. Examinees must select one best answer. You’ll want to create a study target; take all of the content you want to get through before your exam, and divide it up so that you know how much you need to complete each day. You should also have a sense of what lifestyle modifications would be helpful for preventing complications, including guidelines for exercise and nutrition, as well as pharmacologic interventions that are useful for disease prevention. The ExamGuru question bank is divided into separate shelf exam products, each with a goodly number of questions (as of the time of this post): family medicine (375), internal medicine (412), ob/gyn (369), pediatrics (406), psychiatry (395), and surgery (399). Family Medicine Journals; Shelf Exam; Board Review Tips . During the later years of Medical School, clinical clerkship exams (or shelf exams) are given by the NBME to ascertain readiness. The practice exam is a significant predictor of shelf scores (r=0.52, n=31, p=0.002) and is able to predict Family Medicine shelf scores within 4.1 points on average. Install the free version today and jumpstart your studying! You must be logged with your UW NetID and registered as an Administrator or Site Coordinator to view this page. All Rights Reserved. Check out this Family Medicine lecture discussing how to diagnose particular skin lesions, covered in our Family Medicine Shelf Exam question bank. AOA - "There are no dedicated Family Medicine UWorld questions for this shelf, but the AAFP puts out board review questions (you have to get a free AAFP membership, which takes a day or two). We can help you master the material, and more! To make things a little easier, the videos that are relevant to family medicine are grouped together here. Case Files Family Medicine. The family med rotation is clinic-heavy; your clinical experiences will take place mostly or entirely in the outpatient setting, generally leaving you with nights and weekends free. Family Medicine Shelf This shelf exam was a hodge podge of topics, but I felt the test was relatively straightforward. ; The Health Systems Science Exam, which faculty can use to support the implementation of health systems science curricula and education initiatives. Attempt to finish the text in the first 2-2.5 weeks of the rotation. Each question is comprised of a focused item stem (e.g., a clinical vignette) and a lead-in question, followed by a series of options with one correct answer for each item. Elite Medical Prep can help with personalized 1-on-1 tutoring! November 22, 2016. Neurology Case Files and PreTest. … Osteopathic Medicine and Primary Care . The breadth of material that can potentially be covered on this exam is huge. Our shelf exams were always in the afternoon, so I would watch OME videos the morning of the test to target my weakest areas for each subject. Home. 1600 challenging Family Medicine Shelf Board Review Questions targeted for use during clerkship rotations. Study Resources. There may be some days when you can’t meet your target, because your clinical responsibilities end up being more than you imagined. At the end, I’ll also review resources I used to prepare for the Family Medicine NBME shelf exam. The Family Med Shelf will test your ability to differentiate between the problems that a family physician would manage on their own in a clinic setting (such as managing meds for a patient with diabetes and hypertension), and those who would need referral to a specialist. The Family Medicine Shelf Exam presents a unique challenge. We’d actually recommend starting with these questions, and going to UWorld later if you have extra time. Allana Hall, MS1 – “Lake Marie” – Snowy Range, WY (Edited for size) General Testing Info. Gain access to more than 1400 Family Medicine Shelf board review practice questions with detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect responses. We would definitely recommend getting through all of these at least once before your exam. The Advanced Clinical Exams, which help measure the effectiveness of the fourth-year emergency medicine and internal medicine sub-internship experiences. Because this exam is not developed locally and is obtained from the NBME “off-the-shelf,” it is commonly referred to as the “shelf” exam. After graduating from Stanford University and Harvard Medical School, she completed her family residency training at the Stanford O'Connor Family Medicine Residency and obstetrics fellowship at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose, CA. Some of the questions are simple, but it is still a good resource." Ask people who have recently completed the exam to give you their study tips. My first shelf exam as a 3rd year is coming up and I looked at my practice question options for family medicine from amazon and regular google searching. and family medicine is 4 weeks with a surgery subspecialty filling the other 2 weeks. We appreciate and welcome feedback about your experience. Access FMX On Demand Family Physician The shelf exam reflects the scope of this specialty, however your studying for other shelf exams will prepare you for this exam. the Family Medicine NBME has two reported scores, one for the Core (C) exam and one for the Core + Chronic Care + Musculoskeletal exam (CCM). The exam will be the Clinical Science: Medicine exam You can find sample items here. I'm back, everyone! You could have a question about a senior with dementia, followed by a question about a pregnant woman with depression, followed by a question about the vaccination schedule for infants. I had my Family Medicine shelf after my Internal Medicine clerkship and I think that helped a lot. One option is to use the pediatrics, ob/gyn, and internal medicine topics, but this could easily be overwhelming to try to get through in the short time that you have. Or at least eliminate incorrect answers. The American Academy of Family Physicians, or AAFP, offers a useful Qbank on its site. This post is an overview of a typical day during my Family Medicine rotation. Your family medicine clerkship is a rotation unlike any other in terms of the day to day experience (and, unfortunately, the final exam- more on than later). Great for course review and preparation for your clerkship shelf exam, Family Medicine by PreTest puts everything you need to know right at your fingertips. It contains 500 high-yield questions on ambulatory medicine, so it’s a good question bank for the Family Medicine Shelf Exam. I leave Family Medicine for last because it’s one of the more irritating tests to study for. Do family medicine NBME shelf scores improve when students are allowed to repeat the NBME exam at the end of the academic year? Shelf exams are where med students in their MS3 taking clinical rotations get examined and assessed of their mastery and practical application of medical knowledge within the actual clinical setting. Our teachers work hard to provide you with an excellent learning experience. It’s also well known for the being the ‘what next’ exam. The AMBOSS medical Knowledge Library … Thus, ... a Shelf exam; we take a Shelf for medicine, surgery, ob/gyn, and psych, all of which are required during the third year. This is a great site with a series of videos on high-yield topics. There are NBME self-assessments for this shelf exam (medicine) available, if you wanted to experiment with a practice test.
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