I just want to get in a stable routine to help build lean muscle and burn belly fat. also is the same for the hanging leg raise and plank? Try searching this page, I’ve offered alternatives several times already in the comments. . Any less, and it doesn’t give the built in progression time to work. Dumbbell Overhead Squats: DB held overhead, squat must pass through parallel and stand to fully locked out. The first time I held it for 15 and was able to power through to 30 seconds the 2nd but it seems like it’s gonna take me some time to reach 60 seconds. Just letting you know I really respect guys like you so thanks for the routine! I was curious if any additional tricep work would be recommended? i dont drink protein powder after workout.Maybe i dont eat enough. I see you are still answering to everyone who ask you some questions so I have one for you. Great program! Don’t sweat taking 2 days off sometimes, just be as consistent as you can. If not, then add some more calories. I am a skinny guy. I’m very skinny and my arms are like spaghetti. Can I take it with this training routine? Hey david, I’m going to start this workout plan. hello David. But my biggest fear is legs only one day is that enough to keep the testosterone up? Hey david,i’m going to start this program from tomorrow.I’m a skinny guy n I really want to gain muscle mass.Will you please tell me how many calories,proteins, carbs and fats should i target to eat everyday, Hey man,plz do reply.I am eagerly waiting for your answer, Hey david Can you do this program monday to friday and take 2 days off or will it overtrain your muscles thanks great program. You’re quite light, so it should be pretty easy to make good gains right now – go get after it. How much cardio do you recommend per week for someone wanting to gain weight on something like a treadmill? I want to keep progressing in fitness so I’ll buy materials for home ( like dumbbells ) and I was wondering if this program is only for begineer or also for intermediate who already went to a gym. You could do a table pull up and sit ups instead. I wanna know if this will help bulid muscle over my whole body. These questions might be naive, but what kind of gains can I expect to see? maybe lying leg raises on a bench? I’ve been doing everything 3 and 8 with 90 second rests and increasing reps each time. There are few exercises that will challenge your core and back like the Renegade Row. I really like the .pdf workout and your youtube videos, I now clearly understand how to make gains! Nothing worked it seems my body won`t assimilate any of that. The One Arm Press. what are you thoughts on creatine supplements? Place this exercise early in a workout while you are fresh. I lost about 15-20lbs doing cardio and ready to start weight training. Hi David its Frank again from the previous comments i left, i need some advice im hoping you can try your best to help me. Monday do A, Wednesday do B, Friday do A, Sunday do B, etc.) Favorite dumbbell, honestly, I do not do drop or isolation, instead I enjoy supersets. With a pair of dumbbells in your hands, maintain the front lean and rest position while you alternate which arm performs a row and which arm keeps you from falling on your face! I’m a total beginner and slightly overweight. Now, as I gained weight I have this belly fat which is awkward. Started the all Dumb-bell Plan A,B routine a month ago. The rest is necessary. Start with the dumbbell on the floor and pull it to your pocket, not towards your armpit. Yes this is a complete routine to use as a substitute for any other strength work. And how should i switch up the exercises so that my muscles arent getting used to this routine. If so, then 1-2 days of cardio is good. i will very thank full if you will answer me. Apologies if this has been asked already, couldn’t find the answer above. Will that hinder my results? What do you think about incorporating drop sets into the workout? i meant when will i see the results in muscle mass rather than weight sorry for confusion. Trust me, it means a lot. 3 sets of 15 with a weight that you can manage is perfect for ab development. Thanks! Thanks for the great workout. I find the hanging leg raises really irritate my shoulder injury. In order to stimulate muscle hypertrophy it is necessary to increase the time under tension - the amount of time that a set lasts for an exercise. The Dumbbell Clean and Press is an excellent full body exercise that incorporates pretty much every muscle in the body. Don’t think they will build mass? Hey Randy, focus on getting stronger in the routine and eating enough to maintain your weight and you should see some good progress. Bring the weight back down the chest to control the weight. Hey David I was just after some advice if you could I am 15 years old ,6 foot tall and I weigh about 58kg (around 128 pounds) I am pretty skinny and hate being called ‘anorexic ‘ and other names. Impossible. I think that your approach is the right one, so keep at it. Results will vary depending on your diet and consistency. How to Push Press: Start in a squat or power rack, with the barbell on the pins at chest … Hello David how long should it take me to do the whole routine. Join over 500k subscribers who receive weekly workouts, diet plans, videos and expert guides from Muscle & Strength. Krush, yes you can alternate days. I’ve been doing this routine for a good couple months non-stop and I LOVE how consistent I’ve been with it! Try alternating heavy days (3x6-8) with volume days (4x12-15). I currently have access to 50 kilos of dumbbells and the nearest gym is 2km away. The goblet squats and lunges that are part of this routine will build our legs. I don’t think you need to, but if you do then just do 1-2 sets. It’s weird as I’m lean and having belly fat. I’ve been reading on how a low carb diet is recommended to achieve that goal. The bilateral deficit states that you are stronger on one leg than on two. It depends on a lot of different factors man, but aim for 2 pounds. Hey Michael. Thanks. Still not convinced? 1.) Well, I have gained the 15 lbs I wanted and still fit in size 34 waist. To perform the movement you begin in a modified push up position with your feet spread more widely than a push up (about shoulder width apart) and your hands placed under your chest inside your shoulders. Hello David. Also my diet is going well and i would like to know if i can skip the lying delt raise since i don’t have a bench in the house and its winter time here and doing them standing up might put my balance off, is there an alternative or can i just skip it? I am 14 years old, 176 lbs, and 6 feet 4 inches tall. Is that detracting from bulking? would this be good to do on one ‘off’ day per week? Is there anything I can replace pull-ups with on Day B? - Dumbbell shoulder press Or would this be too much work on the shoulders? I have a bench press, ‘perfect’ push-ups(handles), dumbbells, and a pull-up bar. Thanks. It is a skill intensive exercise and you need to be mindful while you are holding one dumbbell at lockout while the other is performing a repetition. Hi, thanks for the routine. Yes I would suggest this workout, and then using some of these meals: https://www.howtobeast.com/get-jacked/, Also read this article to see how to combine the workout and meal plan: https://www.howtobeast.com/how-to-build-muscle-and-stay-lean/, Is there any dumbbell workout to replace pull ups. ), 1. Especially legs. Has anyone provided you with pictures showing results from using this workout? Hi, I will be implementing this routine very soon and as I will be using a gym, can I replace pull ups with the lateral raise machine and the rear raises with reverse pec/fly machine? My dumbbells (adjustable ones) each go up to 32.5kg each. Hey David this would help me allot if you could tell me what I need to do because I am a very skinny guy 17 years of age and I also have a condition called Pectus excavatum and Mild kind and is there anything I could add on to help cover the hole up? If not, then should i be looking to do these for high reps? Check your inbox for your welcome email. . – Missing a day here and there is okay, don’t stress it – Perform 3 sets of each exercise – Select your starting weights by picking a weight you know you can perform 10 reps with good form – The first day you do each exercise, perform 8 reps with that weight for all 3 sets – If you can successfully do 8 reps for all 3 sets, move up to 9 reps the next day you do that workout – Repeat the same process, and move up to 10 reps if you succeed at 9 (continue up until 12 reps) – If you successfully do 3 sets of 12 reps, up the weight by 5 lb. Like the barbell clean and press, the dumbbell version has you taking a weight from the floor (or at least knee level) and controlling its path all the way overhead. Stand tall. I have only one dumbbell. You can do any other tricep exercise: cable pushdown, dips, etc. You need to gain weight to build the ab muscles up. I found that doing the proper form (Yours), it seems much harder than the old form ive been using. Download an updated & optimized version of this routine, https://www.howtobeast.com/get-jacked-with-this-simple-barbell-bulking-routine/, http://www.mensfitness.com/training/workout-routines/30-minute-dumbbell-workout-program-build-muscle, http://www.aworkoutroutine.com/weight-training-progression/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6VMg0E9JpE, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRozZKkGIfg, https://www.howtobeast.com/build-muscle-with-this-bodyweight-bulking-routine/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYUxXMGVuuU, https://www.howtobeast.com/5-steps-to-relieve-lower-back-pain-with-exercise-and-stretching/, https://www.howtobeast.com/how-to-build-muscle-and-stay-lean/, https://www.howtobeast.com/3-reasons-full-body-routines-are-superior-to-split-routines/, https://www.howtobeast.com/a-simple-yet-effective-warmup-and-stretching-routine/, https://www.howtobeast.com/muscle-building-mistakes/, https://www.howtobeast.com/gain-weight-fast-men/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDiPZzmp-xk, https://www.howtobeast.com/effective-weight-loss-men/, How To Reclaim Your Manhood And Rapidly Cultivate Masculine Energy | How To Beast, How to Train the Lower Body Without Squats or Deadlifts | How To Beast, Get Jacked With This Simple Barbell Bulking Routine | How To Beast, How good is this dumbbell workout for bulking? - Shrugs, Muscle & Strength, LLC If you use this diet with the dumbbell bulking routine, I guarantee you’ll see fast results. What would be the best approach you think for me David? I am joining the Air Force.and my recruiter said I have to put on more weight with my height I am 5’9 weighing 134 pounds, hopefully I can put on 10+ lbs. but the result was so frustrating. I’ve lowered the lunge weights to 35 and this helped a lot. I was just wondering, what should I do in workout A if I can’t do the lateral side raises but I can do everything else. However, i have a question with regards to progressive overloading. It just seems like I would be over training. Hi. I was hoping you could post a similar routine that I could mograte to for the next couple months. I’m 6” feet tall, 155 lbs, 16 years old and what would you call skinny fat. And if you have any other tips on starting to use weights that would be much appreciated Thanks, Sorry I also forgot to mention that I do not have access to a pull up bar, so what would be some variations that I could do at home. It depends on the number of reps you are doing. You generate momentum when you rotate the dumbbells and this makes it easier. I have one more question. Also, are their alternatives to the pull up and hanging leg raises? Arnold shoulder press is the best exercise for shoulder mass. thanks, Hey this workout has been awesome so far…2 weeks all I have is dumbells and pull up bar so it suits me. Don’t workout everyday – the rest days are crucial for growth and recovery. Don’t think you can build great legs without a barbell? Also, can I do chinups on my door frame? Hey Jason, do 3 sets of both (stop 1-2 reps before failure). But make sure you’re getting at least .75 grams per pound of bodyweight (I’m feeling lazy, can’t convert to kg right now). I’m really getting some benefits from this workout. This is a great workout to increase mass and definition to the shoulders. In order to increase the muscle size on your abs, you need to train them like you would any other muscle: by using progressively heavier weights. The clean and press entails a lifter to lift a weight from the floor in a deadlift style pull. hope you can reply. It can't be wrong! Also, what should I be doing in the way of diet/protein shakes? -Thanks! Will it hurt my bulking efforts to do push-ups with both routine A and B? You’re working every body part every other day the way that it’s written. Aim for like 2 pounds per month. I don’t know if you have experience doing fasting weight lifting but i think i read a post that you tried it and had great results. I know nothing of quality diet – I’m about to start your dumbbell program above (all I have are these and no bench either). Help greatly appreciated. Slowly straighten up and pull the dumbbell up in front of you before “flipping” the weight onto your upturned palm and pressing it overhead. Could I just do both A & B in one session? Keep in mind that it’s an advanced drill and there’s often a steep learning curve so keep the weight light and focus on using perfect technique! Like lightning.. struggling to pick up Weight but am deff building strength as I can feel my weights getting lighter and lighter.. sounds like a perfect workout! can u send me some meal programs ? Will this routine help me to gain muscle mass and weight (about 5lbs) with proper diet in about 3months. The whole topic baffles me really. Thanks for any further detail you can give. Find out EXACTLY what workout routine and diet plan is best for you! Thanks! My fitness app, allows me to log in weight training so I can add the calories burned. Or how do we know in advance what’s one rep less than failure? Thanks for this routine and the best thing about you is that you reply to everyone . Also can you tell me how much rest time i need to have between each set? Is it possible to keep the waist down at that rate. I am still 135 pounds at the age of 17. Will this still work for my squats? will some mass gainers help me ? Will i need to cycle in a slightly different routine every couple months or do you think this is diverse enough where id be fine so long as i keep upping the weight. For the past month or so I have started to try and eat more protein and I have gotten a pair of Dumbbells. The only other way to progress is through adding reps. Thanks Craig – If you’re looking to bulk up, I wouldn’t do more than one cardio session per week. Dumbbell Clean and Press (warm-up set of 1x5) 2: 8-10: B1: Standing Dumbbell Military Press: 4: 2-4: B2: Pull-Up: 4: 3-5 * C1: Dumbbell Jerk: 1: 1-3: Use at least 5 pounds more than your last set of military presses. I was thinking to add the Shrugs to day A and the raises to day B, do you think that would make sense or should I reverse it? Would you still recommend 1 day of running or should I do more? I just wanted to how long to rest between each set of each exercise, to gain maximum mass. Join 500,000+ Thanks for putting this workout together, it’s just what I was looking for. I run for 10 mins before I do this. Hey Paul – do all 3 sets before moving on to the next exercise. Oh, and how much should I change my diet to gain a lot of weight? But i got a lot of strength. Should I just keep doing the lighter weight for both arms so my left arm catches up? You may need to check your form. Is this a proper program to accompany a low carb diet and maybe about 15 minutes of HIIT 3 times a week to reduce the appearance of chest fat? Thank you. You think I could still use your routine to get stronger and then do cardio on the other days? You want to eat enough to gain weight. Luke is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), a USA Weightlifting Level One Sports Performance Coach, former Marine Infantryman of five years and has coached numerous individuals towards their transformation and performance goals. Other than reducing the food, is there any specific workout to get rid of my belly fat. Body parts Glutes, Hamstrings, Quads, Shoulders, Total Body, Traps The dumbbell clean is a multi-joint exercise that increases strength and power throughout the entire body while targeting the hips, lower back, shoulders, and core. Use this routine and eat enough food to gain weight! From the shoulders, ensure that your forearms are vertical and press the dumbbells overhead. In fact, most individuals will be able to perform well over half of their 1RM back squat with one leg. You need to eat even more if you’re not gaining weight. For how long should one stick with it, and what is the next workout (again using dumbbells) once this one stops delivering? I just woke up one morning and realized that I want to have a nice body. Really you think with one time in 4 day(e.g between Monday and Friday) Exercise on biceps or chest or back and soo an, they will grow up? Can u reply with time you finish this workout in? It was the side bicep area, not the joint. Then I rest one day. Hi David, is lifting in the morning really bad for you? Your email address will not be published. Late reply but if you do this routine and eat a solid diet with a good amount of protein and carbs, you should expect to put on some muscle. Eat less and keep lifting – but I wouldn’t worry too much about that at your age. Thanks! Therefore it requires commitment and dedication if you have to reap all the benefits. This had greater magnitude compared to the other sores I get but now its gone. If you are push pressing primarily to increase your overhead press or for hypertrophy, try using a five-second eccentric to lower the weight. btw nice articles you have on ROK and good thing you have videos on YouTube about these workouts. No your body is working to repair and build during off days. Or for example the goblet squat with 10kg and the lateral side raise with 6kg? Matt Chan trains the dumbbell hang power clean and press at Rogue HQ. Just curious, how is it possible to add much mass by just doing two exercises per muscle group every three days? Just wondering if I can skip the 11 and 12 reps and move on to the next weight? and I am about 5’11” in height. You can do it for as long as you’re able to make progress. Thanks in advance – I tend to stress myself over these things. I have started to notice I am getting stronger. Even on vacation, I love to get into a gym or two. Doctors have said to just do light weights and high reps so there’s less pressure on my elbows, but I was wondering if you had any recommendations. Use the PDF one, more up to date with my latest training techniques. Reverse Lunge 2. I am currently using a different workout routine with dumbbells and I am considering switching to this one. Thanks a bunch! What is the benifet of doing it the way you say? I started to run about mile or so on the days in between A and B. I’m wondering. Is these workouts are good for me? – The routine consists of two workouts (A and B), you will alternate between the two – Perform the routine every other day (e.g. No problem. However if you are a male what age range is this workout made for. It’s a powerhouse of a motion and should you’re not doing them (Or one thing related) you’re lacking out! Looking to strengthen core and upper body as doctor said that would help. Build muscle, lose fat & stay motivated. any suggestion for more better result? No it’s full body you need to rest at least one day in between sessions. Here is a video of New York based strength coach Ben Bruno performing a RFESS loaded with 335 lbs for six reps! How can I keep the muscle mass? Hi David, thank you for developing this plan. How many different weights should I get? I’ve been training with dumbbells for a couple of years now with both the flat bench and overhead press, and have made good gains. Hi David! Fav dumbbell exercises: Total control tempo. Your rear knee may or may not touch the ground depending on how tall you are. Thanks if you reply. Couple of questions: 1. Using dumbbells provides an easier range of motion and can be more joint-friendly for those with shoulder problems. And you can add in some situps or decline situps to hit the abs a little harder. Hey Daniel, I’m not familiar with that condition and its effects on exercise. Like lift with your M, W, F, Sun routine and cardio T, TH, Sat? Isn’t 5 days apart for each workout too far apart? So, for you, I’d say either right before school or right after it. M&S weekly newsletter sends you workouts, articles and motivation based on your goal. Do you recommend this for me or any other alternatives? Hey David, I recently started this and I am liking it. Hi David, Iam new to all this ! So my question is why after I workout my muscles look bigger with veins popping out, but then 10 minutes later it all goes away? This is completely fine. Start with 3 sets of 10 and go from there. Thanks! I would drop the weight and work through the progression again before adding the 5 pounds back. Have a good day. I sure hated to start over from the beginning, but I took my time and I’m back to where I left off in February. The routine is meant for people who only have access to, or only prefer to use dumbbells. Hey David, do you have an alternative for skull crushers? The press involves pulling the bar from the thigh position and pressing it overhead. Start with 3 sets of 8 to get a feel for how long a set is going to take you. I need help and want to be looking my best. Hey so I am experiencing DOMS in the bicep elbow area . Hi mate. I just started your workout and so far I really love it. Can you explain to me why ? The Seated Dumbbell Clean and Press is a great movement for hypertrophy and prehabilitation purposes in the shoulder. I’m skinny and want to gain weight. Yes! Take advantage of the bilateral deficit and train your legs one at a time with heavier loads than you would have used with a barbell. I am a 48years guy from Gurgaon, India. Especially if you start moving the kind of weight Sig Klein (pictured above) would want you moving. Is working out like this a definite no no or would a pre -workout supplement help boost the energy levels? No barbell? Will i be able to put on 20 lbs or more mass after 3 months? will I see the progress if I give it time? Squat to press. Shoot me some progress photos bro — david@howtobeast.com, hey, after 25 kg I have dumbells that have 5 kg difference, how do I progress after that? I like to perform these on back day after I have performed weighted chins or pull-ups. Read this to see whY: https://www.howtobeast.com/3-reasons-full-body-routines-are-superior-to-split-routines/. This is a great sounding routine to start out with. To get started: 1. Said to work upper body and stomach to help ease the back strain. I would also recommend placing an Ab-mat or foam pad on the ground where your rear knee touches to give you a little cushioning and to adjust your range of motion if you are shorter or using a taller bench. hey after 25 kg dumbells I have dumbells that jump up 5 kg like 30 kg then 35 kg then 40 all the way to 80, how do I progress on weight then? The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.
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