Get GalliumOS from here. 1 GB RAM ~230 GB unallocated disk space. The best Linux distros for a laptop is just like this one. So, a little bit knowledge in command code of Linux is needed, though that can be an achieved very quickly by practising. Besides everything, the distro is stable and provides support to the users. It is swift and concise in size. The installer needs minimum 2.7GB hard disk size. A good range of pre-installed applications. It also comes up with pre-installed media player – VLC Media Player, which has broad support for most of the video codecs available. Linux is known for offering tremendous overall hardware compatibility, but Linux is most famous for its compatibility with older laptop hardware. Note: Damn Small Linux has not updated from a very long time but here it is for knowledge purpose.. Do not worry even in this case it works like its name, as it needs a very small amount of RAM to work perfectly. A vast and active help and support the community. I have tried a lot of distros on my 1 year old laptop that runs an NVIDIA. When he is not working then he is a Hardcore Gamer, Novel Reader, and Football Player. The Dell XPS 13 7390 is one of the best Linux laptops currently available. Get GalliumOS from here. Peppermint uses the LXDE desktop environment that is lightweight and easy to use. Some of them even do not need to have HDD on the Laptop to work properly. Though you also can install this OS permanently in your drive like any other OS. That said, I highly recommend giving your old laptop a Linux makeover. Some of the applications are pre-installed whereas other applications can be downloaded from the apps store. For any basic user with basic computation needs like web browsing, word processing etc in a low-end computer, Xubuntu can become the solution required. For example– Linux distros those are running Desktop environments with high graphics such as Fedora, Ubuntu OpenSuse, Centos and more. I think Lubuntu as already very popular, so i'm skipping all those unnecessary fuzz, just get it from the link below. But it can run on 7-8 years older laptop as of 2019. The only drawback it has compared to Puppy Linux is that it has some functions enabled only through the command line method (CUI). Though it has very less no of applications within it, those applications are quite in service as well as all the applications have been chosen best fit within a 50MB OS for the best balance of functionality, size, and speed along with optimum performance. This Linux distro is also a first aid for your any system malfunctioned laptop for data recovery and also can be used as a backup OS to check if all the hardware is running correctly or not. Even though it is one of the best lightweight distros for Linux lovers. It is one of the best Linux for Old laptop. Best Linux Distro For Old Laptop and Desktops. The distro has an Ubuntu LTS-based foundation. Even if you have a laptop with damaged or malfunctioned HDD and you do not want to buy an HDD you can use a USB drive to do all your jobs, the USB drive can be used to Boot up the OS as well as to store all your data at the same time. Linux is known for offering tremendous overall hardware compatibility, but Linux is most famous for its compatibility with older laptop hardware. If you are an old laptop user, like if you are using a laptop which is from the era of the year 2000 to 2010, then those laptops are surely under-performing at this moment as well as you have already replaced that laptop with a new one. The Linux community also thinks of those poor old laptops. The best Linux Mint. To get you started on your search, here are a few popular options used by Linux users. The structure is based on Linux Kernal and Ubuntu. It is also beneficial for those who are migrating from windows. 14 Best lightweight Linux OS for old Laptop in 2019, Best Free & Open source Home Media Server Software, Best Linux Based Raspberry Pi OS: 30+ Operating Systems, Best Linux Ubuntu Cleaner software to clean system disk, apt…, MySQL GUI Tools for Windows and Ubuntu/Linux: Top 8 Free & open source, 4 Best open source & free YouTube Downloader for Ubuntu Linux, 7 Best free & Open source Linux Mint & Ubuntu music player, 5 Best Linux Distros looks like Windows 7/10/XP Interface, 14 Best Linux Distro for Beginners all the time to learn Linux, How to disable automatic opening of USB drive in Linux Mint, OneinStack: How to install it on Ubuntu and CentOS, Types of open source software and Licenses, How to Download and Install MuseScore 3.0.4 on Ubuntu, How to use the disappearing messages feature …, Microsoft Edge Browser now features an intelligent …, How to Remove primary account from Chromebook, How to become administrator user in Windows …, 6 Best Free Password Managers for Windows …, PUBG Mobile coming back to India, Confirmed, CPU: 1.5GHz (700MHz Min)  32-bit & 64-bit, Minimum 1GB and recommended 2.7GB hard disk size, VGA graphics card capable of 640×480 resolution.
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