You bet! Bota Box Merlot California; Blackberry/black plum notes meet dark chocolate and delicious spice on this ruby-purple, highly rich and mouth-filling Merlot. We give our verdict on the best box wines supermarkets have to offer — as the cheap option makes a comeback. Even the smallest boxes or pouches are equivalent to two bottles of wine, they are easier to carry than bottles, and there is no risk of breakage. Your pal if you’re on grill-tending detail. At 3L (about 4 bottles of wine), you can keep the wine flowing and your guests happy. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. Pleasant aromatics (spices and tobacco, a little leathery). Blackberry-driven palate with a little vanilla on the finish. Spanish Garnacha is a peppery red that tends toward cherry and blueberry notes. Related: We Tried Every Boxed Pinot Grigio We Could Find and This Was the Best As I write this, it’s summertime and the living is easy. This wine scored both the highest by points total AND also received the most overall first place votes, making it the clear winner by either measure. This wine apparently was rated the "overall best tasting boxed wine brand," according to a medal printed on the box. Bota Box was the runner-up in each of our last two rankings, and we’re thrilled that this reliable brand finally took the top spot. These are our top boxed wines to pick up year-round: Delicious, organic boxed wine? Central Coast fruit, oaky and plum-forward. Well, sorry The Tasting Panel. The lightweight Tetra Pak containers come in 500ml and 1L versions, making Bandit Wines perfectly portable if you're camping, headed to the beach, or a picnic in the park. They cost less than their bottled equivalents. The complete list of tested wines can be found at: South African Box Wine Awards 2011 A list of boxed wines isn't complete without a shoutout to Franzia. Italy’s Piemonte region is home to much highly tasty wine, including this one. Medium-bodied and very juicy. Why trust us? Wine Spectator previously conducted a comparative tasting of boxed wines, re-evaluating them weekly for a month, and found that they tasted best within two to three weeks of opening. The Best Boxed Wines The Best Boxed Wines. 10 Best Red Wines Made in the United States, We're Obsessed With These Veggie Burger Brands. These are the best boxed wine brands and grape varieties to sip on. The bag-in-a-box version isn't just kinder to your wallet, it's also better for the environment. Over the last several weeks we’ve been hard at work tasting every imaginable box wine we could find, ranging in price from $10 to $50+ and coming in a wide assortment of unique and engaging packages, to bring you the very best of the bunch. The boxed wine usually comes with recycleable materials and also with easy to discard materials. Best for Red Wine Fanatics: Black Box Red Blend Barefoot On Tap is the brand’s boxed wine that carries a whole lot of vino — 3 liters to be exact, which is equivalent to four bottles of wine.. Barefoot On Tap comes in six tasty varieties: chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, pinot grigio, pinot noir, moscato, and rosé (our personal favorite). BEST BOXED WINE BRAND. The result is a smooth and quite tasty wine with a predominantly peach and vanilla character. Jenny & Francois Selections' organic natural boxed wine “From the Tank” comes in red, white, and rosé versions. If lighter rosés are your thing, be sure to pick up a box. The Best Boxed Wine Is: Bota Box Cabernet Sauvignon. Box Wines to Try . Updated July 02, 2018 Skip gallery slides. Once a Bonny Doon release, the Big House torch was passed to Georgetta Dane in 2006, and it remains delicious and intelligent. 4.0 / 5 stars (191 Reviews) Spain - This is an expressive red with aromas of black fruit, hints of vanilla and oaky undertones. 10 Best Boxed Wine Brands to Drink in 2020. Tuscan sunshine in a box. Your new best friend for seafood. The bag-in-a-box version isn't just kinder to your wallet, it's also better for the environment. “Uh, no thanks, I already had a, um, spritzer.”. This wine is at it’s best chilled, preferably not with ice cubes in your glass, because c’mon. Boxed wines have recently gone from trashy to trendy, but here's what wine expert actually think of them. Skip navigation! Plus, thanks to its thick skin, Malbec is loaded with resveratrol, which means it’s one of the healthier red wine choices you can make. © 2020 Paste Media Group. More. The 2021 edition of the event will take place in Toulouse on Friday April 2, 2021. Boxed wines are great options for serving big groups on a budget and packing on camping trips. Perfect for pizza, pasta, or sausage dishes, or whenever you’d consider opening up a Chianti. Bright, fresh and balanced with apple and apricot notes, a bit of spice, and marine notes. This boxed wine brand is a rare triple threat where their red, white and boxed rosé wines are all worth trying. Except your in-laws in Buffalo, who also stuck ice cubes in it. Affordable and less waste? A touch of pepper and licorice round out the palate. Once opened, boxed wine lasts anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. While bold, this wine was still very smooth and utterly drinkable. Decadent blackberry, cherry, cassis, and plum with generous dashes of black pepper. At least, no one admitted that they did. The Straw Hat Bag in Box White Wine, 2.25 L. This 2.25 litre box from Amazon is a bit of splurge buy, but well worth it if white wine is your preferred tipple. There was wine in boxes, probably some unforgivable saignée White Zinfandel that gave you a hangover just looking at it. This year 39 different boxed wines entered the blind test and over 8+ judges gave each wine a score between 1 and 10. Dense aromatics and supple texture. A little tart, a little tannic, it hits all the right notes and is a safe pick for vegan wine drinkers. Plummy approach with an array of intriguing herbaceous notes. Magic Box Red Blend. Box wines have come a long way since their creation in the ’60s. House Wine Riesling is juicy and pleasant, with a strong honeysuckle and pineapple nose and good acidity. Registered dietitians weigh in on the pros and cons of boxed wines like Black Box, House Wine, and Franzia. 9 best boxed wines that are as eco-friendly as they are delicious When it comes to vino, beauty is in the eye of the glass holder – but you're bound to love these. Lingering finish. It's a marvelous summer sipper that's clean and bright with plenty of lemon, honeysuckle, and chalky minerality. Joanne Gould. The product dimensions are 9.6 x 8.7 x 13.6 inches and the item weight is 6 pounds. The design of the best box wines is such that it fits all 3-liter bag-in-box wines. Portability. The winners of the Box Wine Awards 2011 are: Best White Box Wine: Robertson Winery Sauvignon Blanc. And, like Monsieur LeScrewcap, they completely eliminate the potential for cork taint. By Jessica Shapiro and Lindsay Funston. With its berry-driven profile mixed with violets, fresh herbs, and a dash of black pepper, From the Tank: Red is a real standout. With Mary-Frances’ help, we were able to narrow the list to eight we recommend. But when it's time to throw your first post-pandemic BBQ or backyard bash, consider picking up some boxed wine. This one’s got a big personality, with lots of lemon, lime and nectarine upfront and a long, dry finish. To find the top ones, we called on wine expert Mary-Frances Heck, Senior Food Editor for Food & Wine. The Best Boxed Rosé: Provisions Rosé Wine My favorite in this category was Provisions Rosé Wine ($17 for 3 liters). Smooth, silky tannins. Once upon a time, there was no such thing as high-quality wine with a screwcap instead of a cork, too. They're a fantastic choice if you enjoy the health benefits of the odd glass of wine during the week. Merlot is packed with polyphenols, including the anti-inflammatory quercetin. Remember the late ‘80s? The shocking reality is that there are now real, actual, serious, non-swill wines appearing in box-format, and, like the once-verboten screw-cap, they even have some advantages. ... Best Boxed Wine Brands To Buy That Don't Taste Cheap. [UPDATE: Find all of our most recent picks for the best box wines HERE!] All Rights Reserved, Black Box Platinum Series Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon. We tasted 23 different boxed wines, from Chardonnay to rosé. Here are our picks for 10 Vins de Box that are dependably tasty. Heads up: There are 6 other wines in the Bandit lineup, and they're all worth trying. All that gorgeous fruit means with wine would work equally well in a sangria. Browse the top-ranked list of Best Boxed Red Wine below along with associated reviews and opinions. Sometimes snobby prejudice dies a slow, rattly-breath, agonizing death in the wine world. Thanks to its fresh profile, you could easily serve this slightly chilled on a hot day. With social distancing measures still in place, it'll be a minute before we can go back to hosting large gatherings. According to Tom Craven of Vinnaturo, the cost savin… This unoaked Chardonnay is blended from cool-climate and warm-climate fruit from two of the most highly regarded Cape growing regions. Wine on the Move: 29 Top-Rated Wines in Cans and Boxes The best of what alternative packaging has to offer, from the U.S. West Coast to South America Warmer months beckon for a more portable side of wine. Deeply colored and robust. The Pacific Northwest, having basically conquered Pinot Noir, is really coming into its own on the Riesling front, and, being the Pac Northwest, experimentation and a maverick attitude are givens so there’s lots of diversity. The brand's been a house wine staple for over 100 years. Here’s What Sugar Really Does to Your Brain, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Bridge Lane's super sippable dry rosé is crafted from a blend of sustainably-farmed grapes grown on the North Fork of Long Island. We will now give you a list of the best-boxed wine of 2020 for that special occasion of yours. Producing and shipping glass wine bottles requires far more energy and resources than the humble bag-in-a-box combo. While there are many fantastic options on the market, there are still a number to avoid. Once derided as a surefire sign of cheap plonk, these bag-in-box wines have made huge … California Shiraz with a lot of dark fruit at the center, blackberry, fig and peppercorn nose, blueberry jam on the palate. They have a smaller ecological footprint. Dominant notes are black cherry spices, black cherry, plums, and black cherry (did I mention there’s a strong cherry component to this stuff?) By Camille Berry. (PS: It also comes in cans.). This wonderfully crisp white wine is based on the French Picpoul grape. Picpoul is a tart, high-acid grape not unlike Albarino. We definitely would go back for a second glass, and we suspected most of our guests would, too. South African whites kick a significant amount of ass. Loads of rich berry and cherry aromas and flavors in this delightfully fruity Spanish Garnacha. A classic Rhone red (Grenache, Syrah, Carignan and Cinsault) and a great value. Save FB Tweet. Here are 5 of the best boxed wines for 2020! Cost per glass: $1.07. I do! The reason? Thanks to the air-tight design, you can pour yourself a glass without worrying about the wine going off or losing its freshness. The box wine reviews further state that the dispensing method of the product is raising the wine above the glass. Smooth, and easy to drink is the epitome of a rich yet affordable California Merlot. Prevention participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. I took a box of Caja Roja to Glastonbury festival a couple of years ago. Excellent news, our dear winos: Your favorite wine is now available with the twist of a nozzle! BLACK BOX Chardonnay California 2016 Score: 87 | $23/3L Juicy, with nectarine and green apple flavors that are fresh and balanced. Yep, even California Cabs can box it. And importantly, the box actually tells you where its awards come from: Its 2013 cabernet sauvignon was voted a Best Buy by Wine Enthusiast; ditto its 2013 Nighthawk dark red blend, which was actually second overall on the list this year. These aren’t ranked in any particular order, except that impartially listing these guys from lightest-bodied white to feistiest full-figured red. Playful. Best Red Box Wine: Drostdy-hof Merlot 2010. The packaging doesn’t denote the specific part of the U.S. that this wine is produced, just the fact that it’s “American.” A good friend to spicy foods. Welcome to the “Concours International Wine In Box” website. A blend-and-then-some of California-sourced varietals (Gruner Veltliner, Sauvignon blanc, Malvasia Bianca, Viognier and other uncredited cast members). However, there are still plenty of swilltastic wines that only your auntie-in-law in Buffalo wants to drink, so it can be a difficult field to navigate. Featuring a juicy blend of Cinsault, Grenache, and Syrah, La Vieille Ferme Rosé is a brilliant choice for spring, summer—whenever the sun's shining. View All ... 2009 Black Box Wine California Merlot Credit: Black Box Wine. Made from certified organic grapes, Natural Origins is one of the first organic boxed wines to emerge from South America. Also, it’s kind of a juice box format here. Portuguese wine is under-recognized in the US, making it even more of a steal. The 2020 results of the “Best Wine In Box” wine competition and of the “Best Dressed Wine In Box” design competition are available here.. ... dinner friendly and a slam dunk for a warm day. This one highlights blackberry, blueberry licorice and spice with an earthy finish. So whether you're looking to lower your carbon footprint, sip on delicious wine without blowing your budget, or treat yourself to a glass of wine minus the hassle of it spoiling within a few days, boxed wines are well-worth checking out. This lush red opens up with tons of black cherry, plum, and blackberry layered over sweet baking spices. Boxed wines have seen a resurgence over the past decade, with the format now used by well-regarded winemakers. Below are our favorite picks for the best inexpensive box wines on the market. Aromatic and pleasant. Another sustainable choice out of Italy, Cantine Povero's Dolcetto leans heavily into the dark fruit camp. (Except where ironic facial hair is concerned: That’s almost as consistent as Champagne-making.) This wine is at it’s best chilled, preferably not with ice cubes in your glass, because c’mon. Cost for 3L box (20 glasses): $21.49. Rieslings are sometimes sugarbombs; this one’s quite balanced. A great aperitif wine that's ideal for any occasion that takes you outdoors. The bag-in-a-box format isn't just kinder to your wallet, it's also better for the environment. The box touts a medium body with bright aromas of cherry, blackberry, and cocoa, and the wine inside certainly doesn’t disappoint. Because cardboard and plastic is lighter than glass, and the volumes per unit are larger, packaging and transportation costs are reduced. Sign us up! Blackberry, plum, black cherry, but there are some lovely red berry flavors in there as well. Boxed wine used to suffer from a bad rap, but today's versions offer a winning combination of great taste and value. Light, tropical-floral, dinner friendly and a slam dunk for a warm day. Camille Berry is a wine and food writer and certified sommelier. We taste-tested to find the best boxed wines of 2020. A little bit tropical mixed with notes of peach, lemon, lime, and crisp apple, Bandit's Pinot Grigio is a must-try for white wine fans. Australia has been working with boxed wines for years now, just like they were pioneers with the screwcap, they don't seem to shy away from non-traditional wine packaging or closures for that matter, so it's no surprise that two of the best box wine options come for down under. At Reverse Wine Snob we are constantly on the search for reputable wineries putting quality wine in a box for the right reasons -- convenience, being environmentally friendly, staying fresh for weeks and of course the cost savings in terms of packaging and shipping (which hopefully get passed on to you). No one drank it. The 5 Best Boxed Wine Brands for 2020 By Mark Stock September 5, 2020 Running low on funds, but still want to get a good vino buzz on in these trying times? Box Wine can be either friend or Foe. I’m on a mission to find the best boxes on grocery store shelves, and I’m dragging my coworkers along for the ride. Sangiovese dominates this organic red, leading with notes of tart cherry, crushed rose petals, fresh herbs, and subtle spice. Rosé lovers will adore the ripe strawberry, cherry, and pretty floral notes in this classic southern Rhone blend. A delicious Cabernet Franc-based rosé featuring ample watermelon, raspberry, cherry, and peach. This is a seriously tasty wine. Perhaps the most attractive benefit for the average consumer, however, is the price. 11 of the Best Boxed Wines to Serve a Crowd Forget what you drank in your college days. At last, our long awaited series on box wine is here! You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Crunchy Turkey Salad for Thanksgiving Leftovers, A Pro Chef Shares How to Season Cast Iron, How To Use Fall’s Best Fruits And Vegetables, Here’s a Pizza Cooking Lesson From Bill Nye, Healthy Roasted Wild Mushroom and Bacon Rotini. Our wine guru rates the best white, red and rosé boxed wines … They stay fresh for weeks versus days. Earthy and dry, with spice and fruit notes alternating on the palate. A white blend from Portugal, this is an ephemeral wine made from grapes you have probably never heard of and that aren’t seen much outside of Portugal and Spain.
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