This is one of the main differences between the two words although and though. Take a look at the following sentences. He is active although he is very old. Eldad 44951 Although the proposal seemed like a good … 'Although', is looking forward to the declarative (independent). He failed in the exam, although he studied very hard. 1- although, all of us at one time or another have said, ‘You know, get rid of Washington. Although sentence examples:1.Although not ideal, this attitude is not entirely destructive.2.Although the car is basically sound, i was worried about certain areas3.this also endangers american interests in other regions, Although to a lesser extent4.i was sorry he had left, Although … You can use these words to show contrast between two clauses or two sentences. We soon recognized each other, although we had not met for years. although / even though / though although / even though / though . 292+58 sentence examples: 1. You say 'Although he was late, he stopped to buy a sandwich'. Although this isn't conclusive, it seems logical enough. INCORRECT. Reasons for reading: the title although I confess I thought it was "Militant Housewives" until the end of the book; mystery for the Triple 8 Challenge; Michael Bond created Paddington Bear! Sentences with these conjuctions have two clauses; one “main clause” and the other “concessive clause” ( which include opposite idea (contrast) of the main clause of the sentence. ) Although the refrigerator was moved, the … In spite of Although; 2) He enjoys his job ___ the low salary. Although, thinking about it, I'm sure my vocabulary has been enlarged in previously unexplored directions by the energetic neologists of spam. CORRECT. 3. Learn the definition of Although vs. though & other commonly used words, phrases, & idioms in the English language. Another word for although. Sentences Menu. Although a poor blind boy. Though he hadn't stopped working all day, he wasn't tired. Examples of using sentences beginning with “although” or “even though” You will notice that you can use both words in the sentence. although despite/in spite of; 3) ___ having lived in Norway for ten years, he never got used to the cold. Although the mill is no longer in commercial use, it is maintained as a working museum. Although is also a subordinate conjunction that can be used in front of a sentence but it changes the sentence into a dependent clause. Although this costume (fig. Dictionary ... although now advocated by a few revolutionary leaders, was far from being generally accepted even by the Liberals; and, secondly, that, in spite of the indifference of the masses, the despotic governments were unable to hold their own without the assistance of foreign bayonets. The yet in that sentence reinforces the trying. It gets into underlying logic and semanttics. Frank calls him Jedgar sometimes and the Director likes the name although he never lets on—it is medieval and princely and wily-dark. although in a sentence. Although it rained all day, we enjoyed the party very much. Example sentences with the word in-spite-of. Instead, although is a "subordinating conjunction." Unlike though, although is used at the beginning of a sentence as in the following sentence. This dependent or subordinate clause then does not remain a sentence on its own. How to use although in a sentence. Some violence, although of lesser scale, broke out also in Tbilisi. How to use although in a sentence. Although old, he is still very much alive. Sentence Examples. Although most parents seem enthusiastic, not everyone embraces the code. Although he was English, he spoke fluent French. 3 people chose this as the best definition of although: Regardless of the fact th... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. The scandal has been discussed by the politb In fact, it is used as an introductory word at the beginning of a sentence. It’s an interesting question. Although a hero, he was not perfect. zamarra says . Although of a retiring disposition, Waite was a man of great versatility. However and although are two English words that both loosely mean "but". Looking for sentences and phrases with the word although? A lthough I had some doubts about the company’s stability, I decided to accept the job offer. Although old, he is still very much alive. 2. So the proper structure for the sentence above, using 'Although', looks like this: Although + explanatory + declarative. In the second example, the comma after although appears to form a pair with the comma after warm, making the introductory clause "when the water is warm" look as though it is parenthetical, or nonessential. Most European operations retain the old livery, although some Czech buses have also received it. Bettina smiled politely although a trifle wistfully. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Although A | Although A Sentence. 3. The restaurant looks old, although it opened only last January. Although of German descent, he is proud of his Argentine maternal ancestors. 0. ... “Theaters were packed” is a complete sentence, and “this weeked” is a subordinating clause. Although she was late, she was given permission to participate in the event. Though is used more in spoken than in written English. Examples. Notice where the comma goes: Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . Unfortunately, knowing exactly when you should use however vs although is something that most native English speakers would struggle to explain.. Although is used for introducing a statement that makes the main statement in a sentence seem. Although this is a normal salt its solution has a strongly alkaline reaction. Use ‘although’ in a sentence | ‘although’ example sentences . Notice first that “although” is usually a conjunction, whereas “but” can carry out the grammatical roles of conjunction, preposition, adverb, and noun. use "although" in a sentence Although much of our garbage contains valuable raw materials, most of it is simply burned or buried. Although a wolfish case he wears. Be Careful! It creates a subordinate clause and is actually part of the clause. Don't say, for example, ' Although he was late, yet he stopped to buy a sandwich '. Although a treaty port, its commerce is not important. Although they are veteran astronauts, neither has walked in space. An easy way to remember when to use ‘however’ and ‘although’ is that the word ‘however’ can be used at the beginning and middle of a sentence with a comma after it, and although is used in mid sentence. Here are some examples. Although he was bad with calligraphy, still he tried his best to write a letter to her on her birthday. But structurally there is a small difference between them. And although Danny had been sober for a long stretch, you only had to scratch the … Although much of our garbage contains valuable raw materials, most of it is simply burned or buried. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Although" in Example Sentences Page 2. in spite of the fact that; even though. Although he is … The first clause directly following Although, is an 'explanatory clause' while the second clause is the 'Declarative clause'. ; Although it is best … Although of German descent, Max Neef was born in Valpara韘o, Chile. A comma has to be used after using although in the first clause to connect the two clauses and to make a meaningful sentence. I can also take this sentence and actually change it around to put “although” or “even though” in the middle. You can use although, even though and though at the beginning of a sentence or clause that has a verb. Although he was bad with calligraphy, yet he tried his best to write a letter to her on her birthday. We soon recognized each other, although we had not met for years. Although doesn’t always require a comma. Although I had some doubts about the company’s stability. “Although“, “Though” and “Even though” are used for the same meaning, expressing the idea of contrast. Although pronunciation. Sentence with the word although. Although a poor blind boy! I decided to accept the job offer. 3- although a natural human instinct, worry is usually counterproductive for your survival. Although, the suburbs and exurbs are definitely where the population growth and hence the representation in government are happening. CK 288964 Although he was born in England, he speaks English very badly. 2. Although / Even though it was really windy and raining, we still went to the seaside and still had good time. That would make its use a conjugation, NOT an adverb, no? March 31, 2015 at 4:52 pm. When a sentence begins with although or though, don't use 'but' or 'yet' to introduce the main clause. 298568 Although he thought he was helping us, he was only in the way. Examples of Although in a sentence. Learn more! Although or though ? In this same example, the conjunction ‘though’ can still be used in lieu of ‘although.’ Both conjunctions are used to introduce a sub-clause. Although pronunciation. 1. Although some curry powders are made with only 5 different spices, most commercially prepared powders contain from 15 to 20 spices. I have great/the greatest respect for his ideas, although I don't agree with them. The first for versions carry the implication that it may not be worthwhile, but the fourth version suggests that it is worthwhile despite the large amount of work required. It's difficult to see although in a sentence . Remember if you want to be more emphatic then use “even though”. His name was mentioned in the article, although he was incorrectly described therein as a medical doctor. It's difficult to see although of in a sentence . Find more ways to say although, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. “Although” or “even though” takes the place of the word “but” in showing a contrast between the two parts of the sentence. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Although This | Although This Sentence. A more-or-less equivalent form — but less archaic are more generally acceptable — might be. Use ‘in spite of’, despite’ or ‘although’ for these sentences: 1) ___ he was tired he drove a hundred kilometres to the next town. Related Posts. CK 748377 Although he was weak when he was a baby, now he is very strong. He is active although he is very old. However, “although” can be used at the beginning of a sentence to introduce a fact that makes the rest of the sentence somewhat surprising, e.g. Yes, you can start a sentence with although! Although this was Sunday we came up the river. - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary Although a hallway, it was fitted up as a room. Although we were perched so strangely upon boxes, trunks and beds, and so strangely attired, too, we were too earnestly distressed and too genuinely miserable to see any fun about it, and there was not the semblance of a smile anywhere visible. in-spite-of example sentences. Although, the Aussies probably wouldn't mind now they've had a chance to get used to it. Definition of Although. If you start a sentence with although it is necessary to move the second clause to the front, as in the last example. ’ 2- although alternatives are expensive, they may pay off in the long run. Although means “in spite of the fact that…” and however simply means ‘but’. Although this receiver shown in Fig. Although definition is - in spite of the fact that : even though. What Is a Conjunction? They didn’t go to the party, although they were invited. ‘Although she was angry, she still managed to smile.’ ‘Although,’ as in the preceding example, is primarily used as a conjunction if it is placed at the start of the sentence or before the main clause.
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